Meet Kamiko

Legendary Origins

My Samurais is a collection of 6,969 unique Samurai NFTs – although these NFTs live on the Ethereum blockchain, it’s my hope collectors will print their Samurais on canvases and hang them up to be appreciated in the real world. *Meet Kamiko, her name means little goddess in Japanese. Kamiko is the heir to a legendary line of samurai warriors. However, she does not believe her life should be dictated by her family’s history. So, she’s taking fate into her own hands and traveling the world one selfie at a time. Kamiko’s selfies are so powerful they disrupt electromagnetic fields, ripping holes in space-time that allow her to travel anywhere she desires. Check in daily to see what new locations Kamiko warped to! Please join the discord dojo for more details.

I'm Yamato, the creator of My Samurais. Yamato means "Great Harmony" and I hope that My Samurais will bring you joy for years to come.